How To Earn Money Online By this simple method [ UcUnion Affiliated Program ]

Hii folkss…Today I will explain you how to earn money from apps by UCunion Program. Already you have used so many recharge apps or real money apps like ladoo,earntalktime,etc,.with low paying rates.


Whenever you have earn 10-15 rs from downloadin such apps ,at the same developer get 40-50 rs that’s why I prefers this UcUnion program and you can also transfer money to Bank.

How to Earn Money Online from free charge,PayTm app and many apps:

1. At first you need to GoTo Click Here

2. Select Publisher on top right corner
Create a new account by clicking SignUp

3. [Important step]Enter referral code Then You will Get 10% of our monthly earnings.

    pruthvi47     >[At the time of signup ]

    4. After that Go to ‘Management’ section and select “submit new site/app” option.Then do following settings:

      1. Cooperation:Cash
      2. Type:Site[implementing dynamic ads]
      3. Site name & URL: your wish
      4. Category:anyone given below
      5. Integration list:link
      6. Ad format: appwall

      5. After approval,go to “check campaign list” section.

      6. Then you will see two options:

        1. Recommended campaign
        2. All campaign

        7. Select second option [All campaign ]

        8. Now you will get list of several apps such as freecharge ,Patm,Hungama,and many more.
        PayTm and Freecharge are offering : 0.50$,0.43$ as per each install.If you referred these app to 3friends you will get Rs.180.Then you cab transfer money to Bank.

        9. Now select the all that you want to refer from the list and click on “Promote it” button.

        10. You will get unique referral link  of selected App then share with your friends.

          How to Redeem Money:
          1. You can redeem your earned money via PayPal or Wire transfer[into bank].
          2. Minimum payout is 10$
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