How to change IP (internet protocol) Address In Mobile device

What is IP(Internet Protocol) address?
The IP(Internet Protocol) Address is a unique number assigned to your computer connection by your home or office or employer’s Internet Service Provider (ISP). This unique number serves as the ID of your connection when it’s accessing the Internet. It functions like your street address—if someone wants to send you mail or you order a pizza, your address is needed for the postman or delivery person to find your home. The same process applies to your computer, your IP address is used to route information from the Internet to your computer.

how to change ip address

Steps to follow:

1. At first, You need to check your current IP address.

How to know my IP address?

2. Just type ” IP address ” on Google search. Then you will able to see your current IP address [like below pic]

Internet Protocol changer

3. After that, you need to switch on “Aeroplane Mode”. And keep it on at least 10 seconds.

4. Now switch off the aeroplane mode then again Check IP address on Google.

Boom!! You have changed your IP.


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