Xposed for Nougat (Android 7.0) ?

Google recently launched  the android N (Nougat) for its nexus device users on the date of 22nd august. there is not much difference on the nougat UI from compared to the previous versions of android. but the major improvements has occurred on the side of performance, security and, productivity.

xposed for nougat android n

Update: So yes, I’m still working on Nougat support, whenever my free time allows it, but I don’t have any idea when it will be done. Once it’s done, you’ll know.” - rovo89
Current status for Nougat: "Hooks are generally working now. However, they’re still unreliable for inlined methods and when JIT is used (which is often the case). I had give a few technical insights here. I’m currently thinking about the different situations that need to be handled and I create unit tests for them. Then I need to fix those which are failing or even crashing the device – ideally without recompiling the whole ROM like in previous versions. Not sure if the latter is possible though.” – Rovo89

Xposed framework is a third party application will allow you to add the bunch of customizations and tweaks on your android device. The framework requires  the root privileges to access the modules. there are so many Xposed modules being developed day by day for catching up needs of users. 

Currently, rovo89 (the creator of Xposed) working on Xposed for latest android build 7.0 (nougat). this might take some more days or months to get the Xposed on normal user's hands. because there are some implements takes place on Android Run Time (ART). all you might know earlier they have used Dalvik VM + JIT (just in time) compiler on the oldest version of android KitKat and replaced Dalvik entirely in the new versions. android lollipop 5.0 the first version in which ART  with AOT (ahead of time) compiler is the only included runtime even it was used in marshmallow 6.0. But now the latest version of Andriod 7.0 having an ART with JIT (just-in-time) compiler. it seems to be a bit lag to get Xposed for Nougat.

Folks desperately waiting to install Xposed on their nougat devices need to be patience until rovo89 accomplished his work. keep checking space,  we will update the post accordingly.

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