How to change IMEI on android MTK device {No-Root}

Do you have a MTK device? Are you facing network error issue? And you don't know how to change IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) on MTK device. This guide is only for you who is searching for these kinda keywords on internet. By this article you can easily get rid of those problems and change your android phone IMEI as your wish. Mainly this issue has been occurred when you are upgrading official ROM or installing unofficial ROMs from the xda developers forums. And very thankful for overwhelming response to my previous post - How to root android without PC.

How to change IMEI on media tek device

Coming to core part of the article this is all about mtk engineering mode all which you can change your imei on any mtk device without need of root permission. This is the best part of app too. This guide can also be used for fool the app refer&earn campaign to get some bucks or own assets, which is provided by the newly launched apps. Already we have shared video tutorial for change your imei on rooted device.

Note:- Changing IMEI is illegal in many countries, so try this out at your own risk. Neither me nor Tricks Folks is not responsible for your illegal activities, I would request you take this post as a Knowledge purpose only 😁

Before get started you need some requirements

  • Android Device with MTK chipset
  • MTK engineering mode app

Steps to change IMEI on MTK device's

I have given all the information to change IMEI on MTK device. Using this simplest and Safest method, you can easily get rid of SIM signal issue. Only follow below steps if you have confirmed that the your device was made with MTK chipset.

Step: 1

At first download & install the crucial app called as MTK engineering mode Direct download | Google Play

Step: 2

Open the Mtk Engineering mode app there you can see the Two Options, one is "Android Settings " and another is "MTK settings. So tap on MTK settings

get rid of service signal issue
Now slide to the connectivity tab then choose the "CDS information" option

change imei
Tap on "Radio information"

Step: 3

If you need to change IMEI number for sim1 then select Phone1 or choose Phone 2 to change sim 2 IMEI, by typing these below codes

MTK engineering mode

For Phone 1: AT+ EGMR=1,7,”YOUR NEW IMEI NO” (make sure you have to add a space in between AT+ & EGMR)

For Phone 2: AT+ EGMR=1,10,”YOUR NEW IMEI NO” (make sure you have to add a space in between AT+ & EGMR)

mtk imei hack

Example: AT+ <space> EGMR=1,7,”123456789123123"

Step: 4

After doing step3 carefully now click on "Send AT command" option. 😁 You have done!

Restart your phone manually then you will see the New IMEI number by dialing *#06# that's it.

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