Top apps Must have every earning looter on android device [Part-2]

Phone Id Changer Pro :

Before run this app you should know what is Root and what is Xposed Installer .By using this app you can change below values of android device.

phone I'd changer pro

Features :

  • Change the value of IMEI, 
  • Android Id, 
  • Serial Number( may not work with some devices), 
  • Wifi Mac Address
  • and service set identifier (SSID) of the current wifi network.
  • You can random or manual set these values.
  • Backup and restore ids.

 How to install this app:

  • Download Phone I'd changer Pro From here
  • Enable module in Xposed  framework.
  • Open app and enter new values by tapping Randomize button.
  • Reboot ( or soft reboot). [Main disadvantage of this app]
  • Done, the value of IMEI,Android Id,Serial No has changed.

CheatDroid Pro app :

CheatDroid is an android app which is only worked on Root access and by using this app you can edit the specific setting of you wanted app, for example
Puzzle games might store the current level inside this file, other games might store your money, gold count, highscore or whatever in it you can edit.

Features :
  • edit preferences
  • edit preference name
  • add preferences
  • delete preferences
  • export preference files
  • view preference files
  • edit preference files

Build Prop Editor :

This is the build prop editor for android Root users, with this app you can edit ,add and view any prop file,means you can change the build number ,version of android,build date,even company name and much more on build.prop,I think is much useful for looters at time of special offers for specific devices.

build prop editor download

Download Build Prop editor from here 

RootCloak [Android App]:

This is most wanted app in some of the cases in android Root device.while using some apps they won't work on rooted device ,in that time we badly need this Xposed  module to hide the root of the particular app.and it is fully better then HideMyRoot app.

root cloak

This allows you to run apps that detect Root without disabling Root. You select from a list of your installed apps (or add a custom entry), and using a variety of methods, it will completely hide Root from that app. This includes hiding the su binary, superuser/supersu apks, processes run by Root, and more.

How to install :

  • Make sure you have Xposed Framework and Root access.
  • Enable RootClock in the Xposed Installer app. Do this by opening Xposed Installer, going to Modules, and pressing the check box next to RootClock. And Reboot your phone.
  • Open RootClock settings (just open the app from the launcher), and then go to Add/Remove. This is where you will change which apps RootCloak hides root from
  • Exit RootCloak settings. If the app you just added was already running, either FORCE CLOSE it, or reboot your phone.
  • Run the app to see if Root was successfully hidden

X-Privacy Pro :

The ultimate, yet simple to make use of, privacy manager. XPrivacy can avoid applications from dripping personal privacy delicate data.

xprivacy pro download

XPrivacy can restrict the groups of information an application can gain access to. This is done by feeding an application with no or artificial data. There are numerous data classifications which could be limited, for example contact lens or location. As an example, if you limit accessibility to contact lens for an application, this will lead to sending a vacant contact lense listing to the application. Likewise, limiting an application’s access to your area will lead to an artificial area being sent out to the application.

Download X-Privacy Pro From here 

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