How to create unlimited fake Facebook accounts without mobile verification

There are so many blogs having this kind of tutorials for making the unlimited fake facebook accounts but facebook blocked all those tricks now and they can't be updated yet, this is the only one tutorial will help you to Create multiple Facebook accounts without any e-mail or mobile verification. Facebook is just about the number one way for people to connect, share their lives, make new friends, and get back in touch with old friends.But some members who want to interested in creating a fake accounts and to know the secrets of friends or strangers.this post will more helpful to them.


Now a days Facebook is the one of the crucial thing in our daily life and having a part our minimum needs, in every month Facebook getting 1.65 billion active users, that is quite impressive compared to all social sites. Recently Facebook bought a whatsapp for 1.9 billion dollars and this was the world's gaint messaging app, which containing a 1billion active users every month. Coming to the core part of the article, creating unlimited Facebook accounts could be possible by temp-mail site, which is providing temporary E-Mail addresses. This will help you to what you want to do.

How to create unlimited fake Facebook accounts:

1. Go to temp mail website and create a temporary mail.From Here>>>

Facebook fake accounts

Facebook unlimited accounts

2. Sign up on Facebook with this mail(uc browser recommended)

3. Confirmation code sent to the temporary mail.

4. Then go to the temp mail page and refresh it to appeared like this
Facebook without verification
5. Finally confirm your account,repeat the above to get unlimited Facebook account's.

Video Tutorial:

Final Words:-  This was the post about to create a unlimited fake Facebook accounts without any verification like mobile or e-mail, I hope you all are like this tutorial. Feel free to comment below if you any questions regarding this article. Keep checking space here for more stuff like this, Contact Us on Facebook Page | Group