Mini Militia v3.0.47: Doodle Army 2 Hacked [NO Root] {Everything is Unlimited} LATEST

Here we came up with a game hack. The mini-militia, all you might be addicted to this game as well and one of the most popular game among the games like smashing bricks, asphalt8. Minecraft: Pocket Edition, Clash of clans, etc. Now a day. Sometimes, we mentally involved in it and taking personally because when we last our powers, arms, life gets continuously defeated by our colleagues makes us annoying. here, there is an end to such kind of disappointments from this article.

mini militia hacked with toggle mod by revealed ticks4u

Here we will give you the best of the best of all mods for Mini Militia which is available on the whole over an internet. Even it can be used for root level users as well as non-root users of android. isn't sounds good, yep! coming to the core part of the article. The app called as App-Mod Selector for Mini militia-doodle army 2 which is developed by Kuldip Patel. There is no need of any other app for Modding Mini Militia like Toggle Mod or Any other Patcher. He added the special type of MOD Injection method for writing the Game. That will helps you to Understand the Mod Easily and Noob friendly.

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Features of In-App MOD:

  • Unlocked Pro Pack: [You can access the all the weapons and skins]
  • No Reload: [Zero waiting time for Weapon Bullet Reloads]
  • Unlimited Ammo or Bullets
  • Unlimited Flying Power
  • Laser Everywhere: - This is one of the most requested and wanted the feature in this game. By enabling this, you could see the red markers everywhere, which means you can know the location of your enemies even if you aren't nearby them. Cool right? ;)
  • Fake your device: - Now you can pretend to play from the different device even though you don't own that. For example, you could pretend to play from an IOS device while originally playing from an Android device.
  • One Shot Kill: - [Opponent can be killed by One Shot if you enable this Feature]
  • Commander in chief Mod
  • Speed hack: - [This Feature let you Move Very Fast While playing the Game]
  • Range Increaser
  • 7x Zoom For All Guns: [This Feature Enables the 7x Zoom View For every Gun]
  • Bullet Speed Hack: - [This Feature Increases the Speed of the Bullet Being Fired]

How to Install In-App Mod Selector for Mini Militia:

  • At first download and install the In-App Mod Selector by KMods from  MediaFire or Official Blog.
  • Once Installation was done. Then open the Game and Now you have been asking for changing the Mods as like the below screenshot.

Mini Militia Kmods

  • Check the options according to your wish as like a below Video or ScreenShot.

Mini Militia Toggle Mod 
  • Just press the "Change" button, That's it, Now you will directly enter in the Game with Modded Features. 

 Video Tutorial

Final Words:
Hither is the only one article to fulfil your all needs while playing mini militia the game and you can easily remove the mod features what you don't need much. if you found any difficulty while following our procedure please feel free to contact us via below comment box. you may follow us on facebook: page | group twitter

Add Google assistent on Lollipop, Marshmallow And Nougat (No Root) | Full Guide

Today I am going to show you how to add google assistant on android marshmallow and Nougat devices, sadly this is not supported for below android version 6.0 like KitKat and lollipop. recently google launched the google assistant officially on their pixel devices. adding google assistant is easily more than you think by just tweaking your android device build.prop on android 7.0 devices and by installing a xposed module on marshmallow devices.
google assistant for marshmallow

Google Assistant, let you find among billions of things in the world. by your voice commands, you can get all the stuff from your phone settings , videos, photos, calendars, messages, friends, and so on. this feature can be accessed by long pressing the home key then it will ask you "how can I help?"  for example, if you want to know about the weather today, so simply ask what's the weather today likewise traffic, showtimes, reviews, and more.

Updated: Google Recently launched the Alpha Version of Google app that will help you to enable Google Assistant On Many Android devices Without Root Privileges. Even in Android Lollipop.

How To Enable Google Assistant In Android Lollipop Or Above Without Root

Step1: Download and Install the Google App according to your Device Chipset Architecture From Below Links.

Step2: Once Google App Installed then Open the app and Head over to settings of the Assistant and Enable it. That's it, Now you have Google Assistant πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

Note:- As Of Now Google is in Alpha Version so that in some devices that may not work. Be patient Until Google releases Stable Version of App.

Requirements to enable google assistent on your android device

These are the Some requirements to enable Google Assistant on Your android device. Bad thing is to have Root access on your android device for changing your device into Pixel. Before going to proceed further make sure you have Root Access

1. Rooted Android Device
2. For Marshamalow Devices
3. For Nougat Devices

How To Enable Google Assistant On Marshamallow

For Marshmallow android device you need to Activate the Xposed Module on the Xposed Installer. If you have not installed Xposed Framework on you Device. so, follow this Tutorial - How To install Xposed Framework on Marshmallow and For Samsung Marshmallow Devices. Now follow the steps below to Enable the Google Assistant.

  • After Downloading the Android N-ify Xposed Module from the Requirements Section.
  • Now, You need the Active the module from the modules section on Xposed Installer.
  • Reboot the Android device and clear the Google App data and Cache
  • By Long Pressing the Home Button you should be able to open Google Assistant App

How To Enable Google Assistant On Nougat

For Nougat device all you just need two Zip file to be flash. these are made by Xda-Developers, These zip files will basically change your model to "Pixel" to get the assistant work correctly. Simply follow the steps to get Google Assistent on your android device Right now.

  • After Downloading the two zip files from the Requirements section then Copy the files to your SD card
  • Now Reboot the system into Recovery mode.
  • Navigate the file and Flash it.
  • Now, Navigate the remaining file and Flash this too.
  • That's it, Reboot Your android device manually via Recovery mode.
Once you've rebooted successfully, navigate to the Apps section of your Settings app and find the Google app to clear its data and cache. After the app restarts, you should be able to activate Google Assistant by long-pressing your home button.

Xposed for Nougat (Android 7.0) ?

Google recently launched  the android N (Nougat) for its nexus device users on the date of 22nd august. there is not much difference on the nougat UI from compared to the previous versions of android. but the major improvements has occurred on the side of performance, security and, productivity.

xposed for nougat android n

Update: So yes, I’m still working on Nougat support, whenever my free time allows it, but I don’t have any idea when it will be done. Once it’s done, you’ll know.” - rovo89
Current status for Nougat: "Hooks are generally working now. However, they’re still unreliable for inlined methods and when JIT is used (which is often the case). I had give a few technical insights here. I’m currently thinking about the different situations that need to be handled and I create unit tests for them. Then I need to fix those which are failing or even crashing the device – ideally without recompiling the whole ROM like in previous versions. Not sure if the latter is possible though.” – Rovo89

Xposed framework is a third party application will allow you to add the bunch of customizations and tweaks on your android device. The framework requires  the root privileges to access the modules. there are so many Xposed modules being developed day by day for catching up needs of users. 

Currently, rovo89 (the creator of Xposed) working on Xposed for latest android build 7.0 (nougat). this might take some more days or months to get the Xposed on normal user's hands. because there are some implements takes place on Android Run Time (ART). all you might know earlier they have used Dalvik VM + JIT (just in time) compiler on the oldest version of android KitKat and replaced Dalvik entirely in the new versions. android lollipop 5.0 the first version in which ART  with AOT (ahead of time) compiler is the only included runtime even it was used in marshmallow 6.0. But now the latest version of Andriod 7.0 having an ART with JIT (just-in-time) compiler. it seems to be a bit lag to get Xposed for Nougat.

Folks desperately waiting to install Xposed on their nougat devices need to be patience until rovo89 accomplished his work. keep checking space,  we will update the post accordingly.

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Top 5 Fast loading templates for 2016

Do you have a blog in Are you satisfied with present template in terms of fast loading? Is it compact able to SEO?
If your answer is NO! You should have to follow this article, it will help you to choose the perfect template according to your needs. If the blog or website is loading with slow speed, that will might ruin the traffic. Because Nobody like the slow speed blogs. A website which loads slow and performs slow leads to a poor user experience. Visitors may not be willing to visit your website again simply because it takes too much time to load.

super fast loading blogger templates 2016

It has been bit difficult to get Fast Loading templates for Blogger's Blog when compared to WordPress blogs. According to this particular aspect the WordPress have the bunch of themes from the lot of designer's and easily customisable. It could be expensive too.

Top 5 Fast loading Blogger Templates 2016

You may feel tiresome in the process of searching fast loading templates on many sites. But they might make you disappoint. Now all wait is over, we went with top 5 blogger templates on the aspects of Fast loading, SEO optimized, and Responsive.

1. Hiero

Hiero is an awesome magazine theme for your blogger site. This was originally adopted from the WordPress. Featured with Responsive layout, threaded comments, post thumbnails support, 100% mobile firendly, related posts with thumbnails, header ad banner area, and more.

fast loading tech template
Hiero template

2. Pink Steady

Pink steady blogger template is very responsive, minimal and super fast loading template which has been created by the

pink steady fast loading blogger template
Pink steady

3. N Lite

N lite is a simple and 100% mobile friendly template which has been created by Featured with Seo Friendly, Fast Loading, High CTR, responsive, Adsense Ready and more.
n lite blogger template seo optimized
N Lite

4. Eleven40

Eleven40 is the popular theme on WordPress powered by studiopress. Now the famous theme has been converted into blogger. Featured with seo optimized, responsive, Easy To Use Navigation Menu, Conditionally Loading Social Share Plugins, Three Column Footer.

super fast loading template eleven40
Eleven 40

5. Simplify 2

Simplify 2 Responsive Blogger Templates is perfect for simple Personal Blogs Sites, Modern and fully responsive, SEO & Mobiles Friendly. It Looks Cool with attractive user interface.

simplify2 template download

How to install custom template on Blogger

  • Download the above template which is suitable for your blogger's blog and it may be available only .ZIP format that you have to extract.
  • Now login to your Blogger dashboard then navigate to "Template" option from the bloggers menu.
  • Look at the top right corner you will find the "Backup/Restore" button. After click on the you will get a pop-up window.
  • Now click on "Choose File" button, then choose .XML file from the previously extracted .ZIP
  • Finally click on "Upload" button. Now you can see the uploading process on the window.

Top 5 Fast Loading blogger templates 2016.  These are the best templates for the aspects of Responsive and SEO. let me know, if you found any better template except we published. Keep visiting our blog for more stuff like this, contact us on Facebook: Page, Group | Twitter

How to change IMEI on android MTK device {No-Root}

Do you have a MTK device? Are you facing network error issue? And you don't know how to change IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) on MTK device. This guide is only for you who is searching for these kinda keywords on internet. By this article you can easily get rid of those problems and change your android phone IMEI as your wish. Mainly this issue has been occurred when you are upgrading official ROM or installing unofficial ROMs from the xda developers forums. And very thankful for overwhelming response to my previous post - How to root android without PC.

How to change IMEI on media tek device

Coming to core part of the article this is all about mtk engineering mode all which you can change your imei on any mtk device without need of root permission. This is the best part of app too. This guide can also be used for fool the app refer&earn campaign to get some bucks or own assets, which is provided by the newly launched apps. Already we have shared video tutorial for change your imei on rooted device.

Note:- Changing IMEI is illegal in many countries, so try this out at your own risk. Neither me nor Tricks Folks is not responsible for your illegal activities, I would request you take this post as a Knowledge purpose only 😁

Before get started you need some requirements

  • Android Device with MTK chipset
  • MTK engineering mode app

Steps to change IMEI on MTK device's

I have given all the information to change IMEI on MTK device. Using this simplest and Safest method, you can easily get rid of SIM signal issue. Only follow below steps if you have confirmed that the your device was made with MTK chipset.

Step: 1

At first download & install the crucial app called as MTK engineering mode Direct download | Google Play

Step: 2

Open the Mtk Engineering mode app there you can see the Two Options, one is "Android Settings " and another is "MTK settings. So tap on MTK settings

get rid of service signal issue
Now slide to the connectivity tab then choose the "CDS information" option

change imei
Tap on "Radio information"

Step: 3

If you need to change IMEI number for sim1 then select Phone1 or choose Phone 2 to change sim 2 IMEI, by typing these below codes

MTK engineering mode

For Phone 1: AT+ EGMR=1,7,”YOUR NEW IMEI NO” (make sure you have to add a space in between AT+ & EGMR)

For Phone 2: AT+ EGMR=1,10,”YOUR NEW IMEI NO” (make sure you have to add a space in between AT+ & EGMR)

mtk imei hack

Example: AT+ <space> EGMR=1,7,”123456789123123"

Step: 4

After doing step3 carefully now click on "Send AT command" option. 😁 You have done!

Restart your phone manually then you will see the New IMEI number by dialing *#06# that's it.

Feel free to comment below if you have any questions regarding this article. Keep visiting Tricks Folks for more articles like this. Contact us on Facebook Page / Group | Twitter

How to install Xposed Framework on Samsung Lollipop and Marshmallow Device's [5.0.x, 5.1.x, 6.0.x]

Xposed Installer Is a android app has been created by Xda-Developer @rovo89 Which is for installing xposed framework on android device. There is no need of flashing any custom ROM on your device for tweaks and modifications if you have xposed installed. In which you can customize the every inch of the android device with the help of xposed modules, there are so many modules being developed day by day.

xposed for samsung marshmallow guide
Xposed Framework

This app currently available for root level users, already we have been published a article about root your device without computer. This is why most of the android rooted users love this app more than any other. But unfortunately Samsung devices which have been running android operating system 5.0, 5.0.1, 5.1, 5.1.1, 6.0, 6.0.1 doesn't have any official support from the original developer @rovo89.

Finally all wait is over now. Some of the xda-developers currently working on Xposed for lollipop & marshmallow Samsung devices with unofficial support. @arter97 said that - Samsung has massively customized ART runtime included in their firmwares compared to AOSP. And the system partition has so little space left, they have additionally implemented xz decompression on top of ART. Those 2 main reasons has differentiated Samsung's ART from the rest of the ROM's ART.

Developers :- @rovo@arter,  @wanam, @romracer

Before going to proceed you need some Requirements :-

  • Rooted Android device- How to Root almost any android {guide}
  • You must have Custom recovery on your device like TWRP or CWM
  • Device running with samsung stock ROM or close to stock ROMs
  • Xposed Framework.Zip
  • Xposed Installer alpha 3.0.apk
  • Xposed Uninstaller for 5.0 / Xposed Uninstaller 5.0/6.0

How to install Xposed on Samsung devices running on 5.0/5.1.1/6.0

Step-1 : Download and install the Droid Life app to know what is correct xposed for your device and prevent from bootloops.

  • Open the droid life app and navigate to system tab then you can see the CPU architecture of your device like below screenshot.
xposed for samsung

  • If you are confirmed that the architecture is ARM /ARM64. Now you can only follow the below procedure.

Step-2 : Now download and install the Xposed Installer app for managing all your modules.

Step-3 : After installation of above apk. Then download below given xposed framework files according to your Samsung device CPU architecture and Android operating system version.

For android lollipop 5.0/5.0.1

For android lollipop 5.1/5.1.1

For android Marshmallow 6.0/6.0.1

Step-4 : Copy the above downloaded files to SD card and switch off your device. Now, open recovery mode by pressing and holding the POWER-OFF, Volume+, and Home button at the same time until you enter into Recovery Mode.

  • If you have installed TWRP recovery on your device then only below screenshot related to you or you can use CWM recovery too.
xposed for Samsung twrp full guide

  • Tap on Install button then choose SD card and navigate to the folder where you have stored Xposed
  • Complete the flashing process then go back and reboot your device. It may take several minutes depending on your ROM size.
  • Finally your device will normally open. Now open Xposed Installer app. It will show you Xposed Is active.😁

What should I do if my phone get into bootloop?

Just uninstall the xposed framework from flashing the following files according to your device via custom recovery mode.

Now tap on reboot button, it will open normally.

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Final Words : This is our one of the full installation full guide about xposed framework on Samsung device which is running on android O.S 5.0 to 6.0.1. If you feel any difficulty while following procedure so comment below, we will help you out as fast as possible. Keep visiting our blog for more articles like this, contact us on Facebook - Page | Group and Twitter.

How to Root almost any android device without P.C by using KingRoot

In today's article I will show you how to root almost any android device running on any android version without any hassle, all things will be done by just your finger taps. The best part of the method is there is no requirement of P.C and completely safe method with no risk of causing any harm to your android device. It is not only safe method and also no data loss method which means all your apps, pictures, videos, and other information will be safe while doing the process. This is one of the best and reliable method for rooting Android device's with single touch on king root app.

root android without PC by using kingroot
King root full guide

What is King Root?

The kingroot is the root installer which means install the suitable Root binaries according to your device brand and particular model from the king root cloud. And also king root acts as a root manager for your device, through this you can easily control the every aspect of the root. King root provides the best user experience, 100% safest method and time saving method for rooting your android device.

What can I do with kingroot manager?

1) Root Authentication:- Through this you can easily control overall roots permissions, which means you can grant or deny the root permission of what all apps, which have got the root permission.

2) Uninstaller  Tool:- By using this tool you can get rid of preinstalled apps on your device, which you cannot uninstall normally. This will help you to free up some space on internal memory. But very careful while uninstalling the system apps that may effect your device functionality.

3) Auto Start Manager:- This will help you to disable the background running apps for speed up your android and saves battery.

Steps to follow for Root your android device with kingroot:

Step-1 :- Make sure you have enabled the USB-debugging option on android settings before following this method.

  • Open the android settings, navigate to "About Phone" and scroll down.
  • You can see the build number of your device, just tap on it about 5-8 times.
  • Now, go back. You will notice a new setting "Developer Options".
  • Go through that and scroll down, you will get a USB debugging setting, then tick mark it.

Step-2 :- After completed above steps now turn ON your internet data or connected to WiFi.

  • Download and install kingroot app Direct Download | Xda-Dev
  • Open the app and you can see the android logo on the home screen of the app.
  • Before going to tap on android logo, just check you have working internet connection and also 50% of battery.
  • Now tap on android logo, then rooting process will begin. King root finds the suitable Root binaries to install for your particular device.
  • Sit back and relax until king root shows up your device is successfully rooted. This will completed under 2minutes πŸ™‹

How to uninstall root:-

  • Open the settings of the kingroot, which is at top right corner of the app.
  • Then tap on "Root Authorization setting" and you see the "Remove Root permission" option.
  • Now you are successfully unroofed your android device πŸ˜–

Final Words:- Rooting will helps you to run some of the special apps to make changes on your android with the help of Xposed Framework, crack the games, hack wifi, install custom roms, etc,. This is our one of the best tutorial as I think😝. Feel free to comment below if you have any questions regarding this article, Contact Us on Facebook Page | Group | Twitter. Keep visiting πŸ˜€